Can you freeze this cheese? How long does it last?

Raw vegan cheeses (savoury sage, sundried tomato pecan) all freeze very well, and can remain frozen for up to three months. Raw cheeses have not been set, and will not have tapioca, agar, and/or kappa carrageenan in the ingredients.

All of our set and meltable cheeses (smokey paprika ash, mozza, havarti homage) should be eaten with 3 weeks of purchase, 4-6 if stored impeccably! These cheeses that have tapioca, agar, and/or kappa carrageenan will change texture if frozen but keep their flavours- still great for melting in grilled cheese, pizza, or using as a pasta sauce, but not what we would recommend for a cheese plate.

Your cheese will keep best if you keep it in its original packaging in the fridge- bonus if you have a container to throw it in!

Do you deliver?

Sadly, we don’t offer delivery at this time, but you can order several flavours through mama earth organics , sorry i’ve got plants , or loco delivers.

How do I claim my Indiegogo perk?

Covid 19 threw a wrench into our opening and plans for fulfilling perks, but we have fulfillment methods adjusted to our new shop hours! Check your email or click for the latest update.